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reddevil666 (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2004 at 7:08pm
Things really havnt been going so well. I relized i havnt updated this in quite along time and knowing that writing is a good way to release stress-I assumed perhaps i should write alittle. Currently my house is full, my brother, his wife, their baby, me and my dad.
Most of the time my dad hibernates downstairs in his bed room while they ruin my life up here. THey have no money, and im not exagerating has a job, but...there dumb and save none. So they use my car, my gas, eat my dads food, and live here for free..without a care in the world. Of course except the funds of diapers and babywipes for their kid(thank god they still change the poor thing) However this isnt the worst of whats happening. Iv became a mother these past few months. Obviously not of my own child-im not that much of a moron. But of their child. The minute i get home im expected to watch him like hes my own. What the hell ya know-i got homework to do, a job to work at, i dont have time to sit and watch an 18month old kid. See the wife works 3rd shift and there fore sleeps most of the day....leaving the kid to my brother-however hes not much on having to watch a child that is probably only a few years imaturer(for lack of a better word) then his own child. So I have now a burden to watch this child. THe kids not a bad kid...i mean he plays with my guitar and dances in my room to whatever music im feeling that day. And he sits and watches the simpsons with me. However this isnt my responsibility-but what do i do...ya cant not do anything...
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