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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2004 at 10:13pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Newlyweds theme song...
Subject: Until death do us part...
Let's see yesterday was a tiring, yucky day. But today was a lot better, at least afternoon. On the bus i had fun dancing with my sammy, looking at the last year's loggers yrbook, and talking about "hummers". lol. then after katherine, rach, christini, and i went running. Running has become like my new fav thing. I like it a lot, esp with my gurls. We wendys...ran back, as our motivation to eat! lol. Then after, christini rach and i hung out which was a lot of fun. nipples. bats. It was good bonding time which i def needed :) thanks girls. now i am sleepy. and depressed that ryan and marissa might not get back together :-/ eh.
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