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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2004 at 10:31pm
Current mood: frustrated
Music: Chingy- one call away
Subject: My sister...
Ok well today was a really long day! I went to wic this morning and it turned into a 2 hour event because I had to like renew it for the year or whatever.. and then we took my sister to the Ruth Cooper center she has a lot of problems and and shes having a very hard time right now... I wont get into details because I dont want to put her privacy out there but shes just having a really hard time dealing with life right now.. and our lives have been pretty rough and she is just handling it badly. So anyway we were there from noon to 4:00 just getting her in there.. shes gonna be there awhile I dont know how long exactly but I hope they can help her. I feel so bad that I contribute to her problem.. she thinks that I hate her..and I dont.. she is my sister,I mean we do have our moments but I do not hate her. She thinks i am so spoiled and get more attention than her.. but none of that is my fault and we try really hard to include her.. but I'm sorry she feels that way. Well today she was being really mean to me.. I think its cause she was really upset and needed to take it out on someone.. well she ended up getting mad at me and punching me and punched her back in her head and i broke my pinkey nail so bad it was bleedin a lot.. but anyway I feel kinda bad about the fight but it was just my reaction... ok well I'll update when I have more to say!
<3 Kayla
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