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reddevil666 (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 1:09pm
Music: soil-unreal
I skipped school today, so sick of it. Math especially. I dont know what our class is going to do once the student teacher is gone. I mean...Mr.Babbit seems like a nice guy but the man just doesnt explain things- i mean this is Algebra 2 its not basic math you can do with your hands here its all...rules and me its pointless...because that kind of math does you no good unless ur a math teacher...wich fuck that shit ya know.-stupid colleges all thinking you have to know that stuff...i forget it the minute i get home. But thats just school in general i guess....but i mean even knowing cell stuff and animal genes and could actually possibly sound smart bringing up knowledge of science in a sentence and knowing that sorta shit but...math when do people talk about math lol
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