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THE+ONE+I+LOVE (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 4:12pm
Current mood: Another Poem Bites The Dust!
I dreamt about you last night,
and the night before that
and every night since i've met you.

I dreamt you were mine
and mine alone
and mine forever.

i wrote this poem, while she was in florida, but the scary thing is i dreamt about her again last night! :(

I dreamt you where here
and always here with me
and always here together.

I dreamt that I held you
and in my arms i kept you
and in my arms you belonged

I dreamt that I kissed you
and that we kept kissing
and that it lasted forever

I dreamt that I loved you
and that you loved me
and that was all that mattered

But when I woke up, I was alone
and the tears started coming
and they came all night long

I went throught the day without you
constantly thinking about you
constantly dreaming about you.
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