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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 6:01pm
yesterday = NAHS meeting.

it was GREAT omg.

first i was sitting near chappell, and when i am with him i am happy because i act like such a nerd around him.

funny part of attendance

attendance person: james
someone: hes not here
karen: hes probably at chruch
chappell: i hate that kid
me: me too
chappell: he is such a fucktard
me: nice word

oh it was fun!

and then we were discussing how many meets had to be missed in order to be asked to leave the group. it was either 3 in a row or 6 altogether
they were saying how they understand if we have transportation problems but why would they join if they knew they couldnt come?
and a conversation went like this.

anooyinggirl: my mom watched 9 kids during the day, and driving with that many kid from where we live is dangerous.
leslie: why did you join if you knew youd have these problems. cant you make arrangements to get rides.
karen: yea like ride with friends. do you have any friends?

oh man. i nearly peed. leslie gave karen a look for that comment.

haha it was good.

oh man today = my first detention

it was crazy!!!! ahhhahaha
and then when my grandma came and got me we went to the animal shelter to go look at cats, they had to kittens. i was sad over this. they had one orange cat but it was a girl and she wasnt fixed. so we didnt get her. :(.


i love cats. i am sooo unbelieveably allergic to them. it sucks. i am going to get the strongest allergy medication there is. no lie.
that shit has to be inpenatrateable. seriously.

and the poor cat wont be allowed in my room. so i will never have the enjoyment of having the cat come in in the middle of the night and sleep on my face.

maybe if my medcation works well enough i wont have to worry about the cat in my room.

welp i have written wayyy to much.

catch ya later!!

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