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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 7:27pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: Three Days Grace-I Hate Everything About You
its been forever since i wrote in my im back. lots of stuff has gone down this past month the whole school thing and playing guitar lol. its been pretty good. school its going pretty good and i hope to get good grades this new semester. i also have to go to javy's today to install a cd rom to learn french so we can read the note that his gf wrote in weird is that...oh well then after that im going to go to PEP band for the chicks basketball game. me and jesse have been playing some guitar and have been in the "thrice and metallica" mood. but too bad we cant play none of those two bands..they are too hard. i've been kinda cranky cuz my throat got bad again..when i just bearly healed but im taking medicine and it feels better now..hopefully i wont be eating ice cream for the rest of the winter. then me and my mom had some issues this past sunday and we had a long talk. it was pretty stupid the stuff i did to her and told her. i kinda regret them cuz my mind kinda got crazy. i didnt know what i was doing..i would tell you what i did buts its kinda personal and i rather not talk bout it. but yeah i feel bad bout what i did to my mom but were koo now. she took my computer away for a few days so i havent caught up on my journal. lots of stuff coming up in this next few months..maybe too many things but i should be alright...well im gonna go
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