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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 9:46pm
Current mood: thoughtful...
Subject: think...
Beat Mainland like 37-3 today...haha rock on creek...varsity baseball game tomorrow :)!!

~!Just some thoughts!~
Have you ever...

1)sat and just thought about what ur doing in life and if its how u should be living in it
2)stood in a storm and felt the drops of rain drip down ur face
3)sang on the beach
4)fallin for someone too fast
5)felt a special connection between u and a that significant other...
6)had your first kiss
7)wished for someone u could never have
8)laughed till u were crying
9)felt as if a friendship was being hindered by something or someone
10)wanted to know what its like to be in love...
11)wished u were a lil kid with no problems
12)wanted to be a bum and eat animal crackers for the rest of ur life...(that would probablly be only me lol)
13)made the realization that a life without God is empty
14)gone a whole day without frowning
15)felt as if everything was perfect...
16)wished u could be someone else
17)wanted to reveal something to someone but couldnt...

Most of those yes, i have experienced...
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