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TheGirlWhoHasNoDreams (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2004 at 5:03pm
Current mood: happy
Subject: Everything Reminds Me of Everything
Everything reminds me of everything and everywhere I look,
I find these simple memories in the pieces of you that I took.
And every time I look around or hear your voice it draws me in,
It's been happening for so long now, I forgot how it even began.
I fall asleep with your image on my mind and I wake up just the same,
It would be so much easier if I could simply erase your name
From my memory and vocabulary and go back and change all the times
We spent together and every moment I wished you were mine.
Every word reminds me of something that you used to say,
Of course silence is all that I hear since I never begged you to stay.
Everything is everything and in the grand scheme of things I know
I should not have let you go - I should have begged you not to go.
I wander through these pictures scattered throughout my head,
Replacing you and hoping to find anothers instead,
But you're always there reminding me of everything we used to share,
Every word you say hurts me and it cuts me, how long till I stop to care.
Everything reminds me of everything, and anything of you,
And as much as I avoid it I think that I always knew.
You're dancing and laughing, smiles vivid in my head,
But there are parts of me still crying and still others that are dead.
Anything is everything in this life we hold so tight,
That we can't let go of anything without trying to make it right.
Everything reminds me of you and it echoes within my ears,
Of everything that you took away and how I should have spent those years.
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