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GxIoNxA (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2004 at 8:29pm
Current mood: bitchy
Subject: .........
Well this week went by so fast.I was happy! Today I took the test in Stachlers class and did really well.Then I came home talked to Ily and then she called me back and we went out to dinner. With Herb,Anthony,Sean,Aaron,Berry,Mildred,Eddie,and Janet. It was loads of fun. We went to this Chinese place down in Naples.Then I got home and got a bunch of stupid comments in my journal. THANKS A.J. You dumb fuck.It pissed me off. Then it pissed me off to cause MICHELLE ims me asking for all her damn assignments like I'm her bitch and I'm supposed to get them for her. HELL NO I"M NOT HER BITCH. That pissed me off then when we were all done shes like thanks bye. Can't even talk to me anymore. I don't give a SHIT any more. My week was great until she imed me tonight. I need to go to bed. SO I think I will. Tomarrow I'm going over Anthonys and I have to babysit in the evening. Then I might go to TARBEARS party (Tara). Good Times. SO yeah I will write more tomarrow.bye bye
love yas
** Gina**
Go ahead leave more comments. I'm done with this crap.
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