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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2004 at 9:54pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Maroon 5 - This Love
Subject: um...
well... um... yeah.... i dont really have anything to say.. cuz im just here.. im like worried.. me and kacey were fighting all day long.. and i even cried [kinda, not alot though] it was weird.. cuz i dont know.. i was being a bitch today.. i yelled at him.. and yeah.. but umm.. im confused kinda right now.. he said he will always love me and no matter what he wont stop loving me.. and im just like okay.. because i have heard that so many times from other guys that said they loved me but they turned around and hurt me and i told kacey about that and he said that he will never do that... but i was still like okay..... lol... yeah.. um.... i dont know
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