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holdme (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2004 at 2:10am
Current mood: furious
Music: Miyavi - POP is -
Subject: H a t e? Yes, I h a t e him... all want to learn about my life? Parents...I don't know if they're still fighting. Today was mom's birthday. She got screen doors, a briefcase, flowers, and other stuff. She took the whole day off. And I love her for it. She disserves more days off.

Ryan's making me uber angry. Like I'm just friendly joking around with him saying that he doesn't value my feelings and I'm so over exagerating and he could see that. Now, when he does it he says I h a t e him. It's just not like that. He wasn't over exagerating. He was just saying it plain out like that. Wanna read some of it?? (It's an AIM) Okay::

Him: but no u wouldnt let me do it after school you just h a t e me soo much
Me: What do u mean I h a t e you?
Me: I don't h a t e you!
Him: when i tried to lightly slap your lower back but no u just have to deny me
Him: u just shoot me down all the time
Me: When did you lightly slap my lower back?
Him: yes u do you h a t e me soo much
Him: after school
Me: When though?
Him: u just dont like me enought to remember when good u just me *starts to cry*
Me: You're bullshiating me, Ryan. I love it.
Him: no i'm not
Me: You're so not crying.
Him: no i'm not but i'm sad
Me: Why?
Him: cuz i h a t e me
Me: Why h a t e yourself?
Him: no u h a t e me
Him: and if u h a t e me i me
Me: No i don't.
Him: yes u do u dont even remember when i did that thing
Me: Does Mom ring a bell? Does Saturday ring a bell?
Him: no saterday, after school
Him: dont you remeber
Me: 1. No I don't remember.
2. Mom doesn't like you g r o ping me.
Him: who says i was g r o ping you after school, u h a t e me soo much u dont even remember what i did god i feels so bad now
Him: brb
Me: My face is hot and my ears are ringing.
Him: back sry i have to brb again
Him: back now
Me: Good for you.
Him: yep but i know u h a t e m
Him: me*
Me: I'm not putting it past myself right now.
Me: I don't feel well. This music is making me want to m u r d e r something and you're making me feel worse.
Him: so u h a t e me sooo much ur ignoring me now
Me: I could very well h a t e you...
Him: well dont i'm doing what u were doing to me earilere

Gosh...I do h a t e him. He's so rude. What in his right mind thinks he has license to do that? He has no idea how angry I was....I didn't even say, "I love you" when he left. What a b a s t a r d. I just want to slap bad I'm not near him. Gosh....*makes strangling motions with hands* He thinks it's okay to treat me like that after he give me a hicky that my parents go balistic over? I don't think so....he's just such....such an ass hole. I should let him go without anything for the next few days....

H a t e r of Ryan,

PS: "Everybody knows diaries are just full of crap..."
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