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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2004 at 3:12am
Music: Devil May Cry - Watcher of Time
I can't see across the land
The winds are filled with dirt
The smell of blood is apparent
Not a soul was left unhurt

Horror sealed across their faces
Grief plastered in their eyes
Staring blankly back at death
None will ever rise

The war held out past time
A fight built upon emotion
The basis of it all is simply
A mindless attack of devotion

The instigator of such a massacre
Owner of this battlefield of blood
Sits behind a shield and watches
Bearing not a single drop of mud

Roaming this slaughtering domain
She holds the hearts of men
She hates it all with everything
But tonight she'll watch it again

No escape from the daily torment
Because her thoughts are in a bind
This bloodbath of bleeding love
Is all an illusion of her mind

okay.. after the first two stanzas, I kept falling asleep, that's why it sucks.
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