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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2002 at 10:17pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: Let's put Christ back in Christmas
Subject: Happy Christmas! No wait...Mary Christmas!
Ah yes, it was time to change my pic. It got old. Not that it matters. Nobody reads my journal anymore, because I rarely type in it. Oh well, who cares. I just wanna go off on an amusing rant.

X-mas Commercials.
If God had any mercy on us, he would destroy these. Why must he allow all the gheeds in this world to use cheap X-mas puns and Jesus jokes to advertise. Some ads are just too f*cked up, and shouldn't be on TV. Like that New York State Lotto Ticket one. Where this chick buys some lottery tickets from an old guy on a corner, and, thinking how its christmas, the only time of the year when we can be decently nice, she puts the tickets in an envelope and returns them to the shopkeep.
What the hell.
Thats like someone going down to the bar, buying a drink and returning it to the bar-keep. He'll obviously throw you out, cause it will look like you've had enough already.
And the ads about wives being wenchs about what they want. The sears one where the guy gives his girl a box wrapped with newspaper ads, and the chick spots the sears coupon, takes it, and runs off, leaving the guy hanging.
Jesus Christ Superstar, that guy must really want to get laid if hes putting up with that crap.
Or the one where the wife walks up to her hubby (Theres a word I don't say often) and says, "Hey honey. What do I have on my neck?"
Girl:Yeah, and what do I have on my ears?
Then the announcer guy comes in and says, quote, "Its OBVIOUS what she wants this year."
Yeah, its obvious she wants a shot in the mouth.
Look, I put little to no thought in X-mas shopping. When I get a girlfriend/Wife, all I know is this...
No way in hell I'm blowing money on jewelry. Every ripoff begins with R.
Although I'm still single (Gee, I can't imagine why. Maybe its the people I hang out with give off bad vibes.) I blew quite a bit of money on X-mas this year. What with gifts and all. If you didn't like my gift, take it and shove it up your ass. bitch. You got it for free!! What are you whining about? Thats why I love christmas, no matter what crap I get, I can think to myself, "But it was free! And maybe a profit if I return it!"
Ho ho ho and all that crap. Merry Christmas. Hope you all enjoy yourselves this holiday season. Wow. I can't belive I actually said something that didn't involve a female body part or something that kills people. Thats crazier an a soup sandwich.
Mary Christmas, people! Yes, it is Mary, she's the one that went through labor for Christ anyway. Ho ho ho. *Points at ugly hoes*
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