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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2004 at 12:56am
Music: The Darkness-I Believe In A Thing Called Love
well nuttin much went down today. i got up pretty late and then i just got online and downloaded some music. then i was just here with my cuzin playing some guitar and just getting tabs. then we went over to tristan's party and it was pretty koo. Joy keeped on looking me all funky for some reason..i dont think she likes me or something. well oh well im just a loser freshman with out a life i guess. then after then me and my cuzin came back home and we just chilled and played guitar. as u notice on my song...its about love..and i dont really believe in love so its just a koo song and thats all that matters to me. lol its not that i believe in it and i fell in love. i think love is a big dark hole that u "fall in" and for some ppl its hard to get out of that dirty hole...i thought i fell in it...but it was just a lil' ignorant bump in my life. so im good for now. then our church had an open house and that was pretty fun. lots off ppl came but it ended up raining so all the tables outside got wet so we were al inside..and that sucked, but it was still koo. i talked to some friends and i think i met some other ppl but it was still pretty koo. i've been thiking a lot bout my future and i really want to make music for a living...i really really do. but so many things can get in the way of my dream. i want to start an emo-ish punk rock hardcore band...that would be soooo rad. i would love it. making music, touring, playing shows, fans. it would be so awesome..but so many obsticals i need to over come before that time comes. some part also takes in being mormon...some things get in the way. i want to go on a mission which is..when u fill out forms..then u save a bunch of money..then they "call u on a mission" and send u to some part of the world. u serve ur lord preaching the gospel to non-members in hopes of converting them. and u serve this for two years of ur life. its about a year after high school. thats what sux......i want to do that..its not a requirement....but i want to do it. then after i do that i would have to go to college...then i would start getting older and i have hopes that i want to get married. but then when does my dream come in? when can i tour and make music....those two years that are taken away....and i dont want to drop out of high school..i want to make an early age..but then going to college..that takes up all ur youth....awww its so damn complicated...idk what im going to do..but i'll plan that later going to have to make some future decisions...and i hope i make the right ones....
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