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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2004 at 9:12am
Current mood: depressed
Music: 97' bonnie n clyde
Subject: sara
ok i was readin sara's journal n it was talkin about how she wasn't afraid of dying n all this other shit about logan. this is for sara! gurl u need to forget about him he was in the past the past is the past n no1 can change that!.! trust me i get what ur sayin that u can't get over him, guys are like addictive drugs me n keely decided that about frank n from the look of it logan is too. lol damn those drugs! heehee i want u to rethink everything u said in your journal about dying. u should be afraid of dying cuz like u said life is short so don't waste all ur god damn time on this one guy when there's 50 trillion other guyz u could get without a problem that prolly won't break ur heart, i haven't found mine yet but i can help u find urs i need to focus on skool more than guys right now even though i don't i can still help u find a guy!.! that's what friends are for. i'm sad u didn't mention me n that quiz thing on ur journal about who made u laugh or bring a smile to ur face :-( lol jp :-) gurl cheer up be happy! there's plenty of other fish in the sea lol JUST KEEP SWIMMING JUST KEEP SWIMMING LOL finding nemo u should watch that it'll make u laugh! lol n puff out ur cheeks! n look in the mirror that'll make u laugh too girl i luv ya n i'm here for ya remember that always!! - LiL t
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