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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2004 at 9:16am
Current mood: happy
Music: craig david - you don't miss your water;kellie coffey - when you lie next to me
wow it's been quite a while since i've written in i guess we'll play catch up a lil bit!

well since my last entry things have been quite tough to get through because of the loss of our friend andy...chris was a wreck for a while but he has got a lot better...
i think things are still hard for him but he talks about him a lot and i feel more close to andy everyday by just having chris by my side...he's my piece of andy :-)

as times became rough with andy's death me and chris both turned to eachother for comfort more often and our relationship has grown SO strong...

I love christopher. I love him with everything i am and more. I love the way he talks, the way he smiles, the way he says "I love you"...I love everything about him, and i find something new everyday about him which makes me just love him even more. It's crazy to think i'm still in highschool and i can truely say i'm in love. But i know we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, and that gives me the strength to survive in live and live the best i can, because i have the security of him being there, i don't have to worry about looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with...i have chris and i am the happiest i could ever be :-)

the bad things in life don't really matter to me anymore. because i'm so happy, if bad things come up they kinda just pass over me, and i move on thinking about the good things and with chris here...everything is good :-)

god i just love him so much! and if you know me...i hope you can see that i do :-) and i'm finally happy.

well kaneface and tiff-O are over so i'm gonna go make some pancakes for them :-) cuz i'm such a good friend! haha but i'll catch ya'll later!

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