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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2004 at 2:15am
Current mood: content
Music: Legend of Mana opening Theme
Subject: A Classic.
-cough- It's early...I saw one of my favorite old chinese movies of all time yesterday (yesterday was about 3 hours ago..), it's called "5 Deadly Poisons."Great movie, it's about this master who taught 5 different people 5 different fighting styles. He also teaches a sixth guy, who knows a little of each technique, the master tells him to go find the other 5 students and team up with one of them...So he can kill the rest. They're all after the money really, they're trying to find an old man with a fortune.
#1. The centipede (really fast, kinda dumb; dies)
#2. The snake (flexable, the style looks awesome; dies)
#3. The scorpion (his aim is like that of a scorpions claw, he's the one who tricks everyone; dies)
#4. The lizard (Can stick to walls, he's the best; Dosn't die. )
#5. The Toad (He is invinsable except when you hit his ears, he was a good guy but unfortunitly he got punished for #1's crime...I liked Lee Ho..)
#6? A little of all (He teams up with #4 and kills the other 3 guys, he's funny.)

I taped it...-cough- I reccomend "5 deadly venoms" to anyone who likes old martial arts movies... Yea besides that, my Suikoden 2 and Tales of destiney are still totaled, and I'll probably never play them again in this life time.. If anyone has news for the site, make sure you send it ok?
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