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billyfan (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2004 at 4:22am
Current mood: sad hurt
Music: crunch crunch ashley is chewing in ma ear!
Subject: hey ya
Sara i dont want to call ya a liar but i read ova ma last 1 and your name was not in it. ne wayz the stuff i said in it was really tru and serious okay, i struggle with a lot of things you guys dont know about, things i dont think i can ever tell ne 1. i mean thhese things hurt really bad, and that is why i am so sad all tha time, i also have clinicle depression, and Wow ash that is beutiful ( sorry ashley is playing a piece of beatoven on tha piano and it is magnificent, i am so proud of her she is so smart and pretty and way confident in herself. well ne way, and scince i have depression that gives me.. umm well let us just say, heart problems and from time to time that is really painful, and i feel like i cannot breath, but that is not tha stuff i wot ell ya. i am sorry sara really i am sorry everyone else, i am just not good wit friends i guess, because i did not have ne beside gel and ao until i was in the sixth grade! i guess i really missed out. i always try to be nice, and when i am not i feel bad and punish myself. i am only hu...well i am created by God ne way. well i just want to say that you guys make me mad suntimes cuz you, always prefer to go and talk to sum1 else instead of me and well everyone does it. well i gotta go ashley want me to play, i am actually pretty good i took piano for 2 years i gues none of ya knew that. ya actually dont know a lot about me truely ya dont. well ya bye
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