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Janice_2001 (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2004 at 8:25pm
I realized how much shit I have been put through. Kyle and I are nothing other than friends but thats okay cuz he is having a tough time right now. I am having tough times right now, like today I wanted to blast Heather in her face cuz again today I heard she was talkin shit about me. I am sick of it. People are fucking dumb and have nothing better to do then talk about other people because they have no lives at all. People don't know me and think they do. Kyle and I are friends now and he is havin trouble cuz all he does it smoke weed and take acid. On another note Chris and I have been back together for 2 weeks and it makes me happy, he has been treating me grand and I Love it. Anyway, got something to say to me then say it!!

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