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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2004 at 6:16pm
Current mood: content
Music: "She bangs"
Subject: Wasted by the way she moves..she moves.
Today was much better. I feel like i can manage everything now. I figured out all my next year's classes so I'm all good. Chem II, pre cal, psych, and health w/ TOK. It'll be hard, but i'm not overloading myself.

The senior prank was really dumb...hmmm, if they want to have their senior acitvities suspended, go ahead, for a really crap prank that made the school smell. Otherwise than that tho, good day. I dressed in my cute skirt and i got lots of compliments- thanks :) In first hour, i've been walking the track just listening to a walkman. I dunt really have friends in that class, but its all good becuz i enjoy starting off my day with a relaxing walk with music. Wish i was still in yrbook..but watcha gonna do. 3rd hour was pretty funny. danielle, heather, and i were passing around a note...pig porn anyone? LOL. then i was imitating danielle's role as a hick...then mr.epstein yelled at me. it was muy comico! English was okay, then in dance we learned more of the jazz dance. I don't really like the song, or the dance that much. Now i have to sell candy for dance. I'm gonna try to get rid of it ASAP! The bus was fun...just interesting convos. Now i gotta go read econ...<3
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