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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2004 at 10:59pm
Current mood: apathetic
Music: blink 182- i miss you
Subject: forever and a day ago, i last updated
why hello there, little blog of mine, how long has it been?? a long time. well, im pretty sure that since that amount of time, im a different person. not that ive changed sooo much recently or anything, just that people change constantly, and im not the same alexa i was in december, im now february alexa, and next month ill be march alexa. for instance, last week, had i gone to christie's sweet sixteen party yet? had i danced wtih that cute 21yearold waiter yet? no. and therefore, i am now that much different ;-) no but seriously, everysecond is a moment in your life that changes you, even if its just the tiniest most unperceivable thing, it still happened to you....

So, whats been happening with me lately? well in the past X months, ive gone to brazil with em (fun), suffered through week after week of boring private school (dull) and succeeded in turning a guy friend into an infatuated crush before realizing im a hopeless idiot who is settling because there are NO WORTHWHILE GUYS IN MY SCHOOL and im a hopeless idiot (therefore ive also gotten over aforementioned stupid crush) so now, what can i say, im an independent woman haha. ummm anything else? soccer seasons over- starting up rock climbing again... my life is boring.... im gonna fail my history test tmr adn yet am still not studying.... i like those chocolate turtles (the candies with pecans and caramel with chocolate)... i had this scary feeling all day that something bad was gonna happen to my mom and i was freaking out until she picked me up (freaky)... i got a cell phone two weeks ago and then two weeks later its already broken.... im goin on the school trip cruise in T minus three weeks!... o ya, and the coolest of all: i got an electric bass guitar! so now im teaching myself how to play so i can rock out and be o so hot and rockstarish 8-)

my head hurts. it always hurts. exams next week. die exams die. three word sentences. they are fun. well im out. peace, love, wombats.
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