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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-11-2004 at 1:12pm
Current mood: excited
Music: dave mathews
Subject: wa hoo!

Hi, sorry I havenít written in quite along time. I havenít had a computer. And my Internet had been skewed up and not hooked up. Anywho. How have you been? Today is all right. I am happy today. For no reason though. Iím very happy. Ive decided one thing, and think this is what is making me happy. Iím ok with Corty and Patty. Iím delighted with them infact. I am not however delighted about their actions as in how they show their affection. Although I still cant open my planner completely. I despise Valentines Day. Ugh I think itís a commercial waste of money, and every one that is single is like I hate Valentines Day too! Blabla, but that isnít even kind of the reason I donít like Valentines Day. I think that there is no reason the Middle Schoolers/ High schoolers even need to celebrate it. Married couples, alright Iím 100% ok with that, but when a stupid Jr. high kid gives a dinky little rose to his girl friend that he going out with (side note to take into considerationÖ. when you are going out in middle school, Where Do You Go?! Seriously, does your mommy take you to the park? And if she does, ah skrew it.) Ah it all just makes me barf. Well I must be going now. I hope your Wednesday was as lovely and thoughtful as mine was. I find out what I made in the school play tomorrowÖhooray Iím so excitedÖ
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