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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2004 at 1:14pm
Current mood: angry
Music: dashboard confessional
Subject: grr
GrÖPoo on life. I am Audrey in the school play. Iím the city folkís mom. Hereís the story line of the play. There are people from the city who loose their home and then they move to the country with their cousins who are completely hicks, and then they get along and the hicks are so dumb they sell their own house and on top of that me and my daughter Hate the country so we want to go back to the city, so we save the day and help them get back their house and by doing that we get our house back and all of our money. So then all of these people are getting married at the end and its disgusting because itís like cousins marrying cousins. AH! Pretty scary if you ask me but I do live in Tennessee. So what can I accept? Ugh I donít know it just seems like such an immature play. Last year in Ohio I did Fiddler on the Roof and there was a real script and real characters that had meaning. And I just ah I donít know. Nothing can be quite as good as Ohio or Colorado or Pennsylvania. (Previous places where Ive lived.) Well today they celebrated Valentines Day at my school, ugh all of the candy and roses and balloons and greetings and such made me sick. I was depressed for no reason. And it makes me angry that some people probably thought I was ďdepressedĒ because I didnít have a honey bun and I couldnít care less, and that is not what was wrong. I missed Cars like a mother chuck friend. Ah I donít know I didnít get to talk to her yesterday because I had indoor soccer. That was fun though. Well tomorrow I am doing nothing. Exciting if you ask me. Iím actually happy that Iím not doing anything. Well I will let you know of my non-existent day tomorrow. I hope all is well. And if you enjoy Valentines Day donít let me get your spirit down, you stand up for what you believe inÖseriously donít take what I said into ponderage. Youíre cool, and donít let any one else tell you different. Have a grand day.
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