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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2004 at 1:17pm
Music: long sice forgotten
Subject: ah...

Ah the day that so many Americans “adore” ha. Well I must admit I did something today. Sorry I was lying (sp.) ah I’m listening to long since forgotten. I met them tonight! I also met Fire When Ready. Ah they are so cool. All of them. All right Low Down on what I did today. (By the way I’m very fond of this online Journal, I keep a journal like in writing but its not nearly as exciting as typing it all out. Ha Andy you’re awesome. I praise you for setting this up. Thank you) went and played soccer for four hours with kids from my church and like young adults, and some kids from my sister and my’s school. (I have no idea how to do all those possessive things…ha) ah I’m very sore. and it was very muddy and so we were all falling and it was great fun let me tell you (ha seriously though it was a lot of fun). And then I went home took a shower…a very long one that is. And I love it how today I didn’t think about any one but carly. I didn’t think about a long lost boy that I left behind in my many states, I didn’t think about any one but the people I was with, and believe me it felt good, it was like a whole kind of pain and loveliness was lifted from my being, and my character. In a god way mind you…ah it was great. So then I went over to Samantha’s house and we went to rocket Town with her brother her and me. (I guess that was kind of self-explanatory but you known.) Rocket town is like, ah well here Ill explain. Ok so you enter on the first floor and its like a café that local acoustic guitar players play, and then you go down one level and its like dark and lighting is all concertish and its like a small local band place, where those kind of bands play. (That’s where I met long since forgotten and fire when ready…) and then on the next floor down there’s a HUGE skate park, then one more floor down there is a big concert hall like for “well-known” bands if you will. Like AFI has played there and Switch Foot and I really don’t know of any others but you know. So I was mainly on the 2nd floor down and such just listening to the local bands, and I met them all and phew their CDs are awesome. Go to their web sights they are just and then great stuff let me tell you. Caleb is the lead guitar for long since forgotten and Justin or something for fire when ready, cool kids let me tell you. Well yes I had a great time there. Seriously a really fun time, it was awesome. Go there if you live in TN e-mail me if you would like directions. Well I better go its quite late at night. Have a grand Sunday. I hope your Valentines Day was the best even. I truly do. You’re amazing for reading this. It makes me feel better to know that you read it. Thanks kids. Your amazing for all that you do. Hooray for life…live and never forget the music

By the way I wrote this the other day and Ive decided that I like it.

-Go find a passion. A passion for music that is. Weather it be Dashboard, Blink 182, Bright Eyes, Enriquea Englaciouse, George Straight, or Fifty-Cent. Just as long as it is real, just as long as you are not fake about for obsession, Just as long as you like a band just to get along with someone or just to impress him or her…Don’t “love” the music just to love something. Music deserves more than that. Don’t take music for granted. Don’t Ever take it for granted. It’s a phenomenal thing! If the Music was gone, people wouldn’t have things to argue about, people wouldn’t have anything to talk about, and people wouldn’t have anything to live for, life its self would be pointless. We praise god through music. We live through music, and we do everything for music. So by the way, music is pretty super superb. –

*Side note…out of the bands I mentioned at the beginning I like 2 of them. Dashboard and Bright Eyes, I despise new age rap, dislike country…I can handle some of it but not much, blink 182 needs to understand that they need to get talent and stop singing like girls and sing through their throat and not their nose. I’m not putting them down just giving them suggestions. Well again I hope all is well. Good night.
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