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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 1:17pm
Current mood: calm
Music: long since forgotten
Subject: nice.

Thank you Presidents of the United States. Hooray for Presidents Day. If any of you know anything about Presidents day please let me know about it or why we celebrate it…. I’m very curious why schools all of the U.S. would get off of school. Today I have done about 3 things. Very relaxing let me tell you. Got up, ah no one was home it was enchanting, wrote carly an on going note, and ate some honey cheerios, did my SS project on Nat King Cole. He led a very interesting life. He dies in 1965 though of lung cancer because he smoked so much, so don’t smoke. You can if you wish but you know. I have been listening to Long since forgotten for 2 days straight ah its marvelous. Did you know that after you type a word like good or something you write it then press shirt f7 it takes you to the thesaurus! It’s wondrous. Well on Microsoft word I guess. I found that out while writing cars. Well enough magic for today, then I talked to Cars, then I talked to my sister that lives in Utah, and she told me all about how her stomach is freakishly tight and she cant really bend down at all because of the pregnancy…its all very cute. Then she raved on and on about how cute her husband was and what he did for her on Valentines Day and I just sat there…. Just sat there in a good way. I just marveled at the love some one could possibly have for someone who has hurt them so much, such as the opposite sex hurts the other. Like how much she (my sister) has gotten “hurt” by boys, and now finally after high school and all of that fun stuff she has found “Mr. Right” ha but you know. I don’t know its very interesting to think about. Try it. Well. My day has been very good and sunny and warm. Although it snowed/ flurried yesterday. But you know. I have piano right now so I must be going. I hope all is well. Let me know if I can help with anything. You rock my face off. Cars and Cort have finally bought The perks of being a Wallflower. Ah the love. They finished it in the time that I did. We have al decided its very very addicting. Thank you Laura for suggesting. Read it then spread the love she once said…ha bye kids. Hooray for it all.
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