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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2004 at 1:24pm
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: match box twenty
Subject: joy...
well how might you be. today i had play practice. it was mighty fun. Im feeling alright about it all. although Jon (my old..."good friend thats a boy") got the lead in the play greese for our old high school. ah what a kid. and molly poor her she only got in chior (the chior for the play) she has been in more plays with Miss J than she can even remeber. ah molly. shes such a good friend, she might be coming down with my sisters friend Jesse (a guy...a good guy friend but nothing more.) She is going on her first date a week from friday, and shes turning 16 a week from tomorow. wow. thats way to old for my sister. Im glad shes not moving out or anything. phew. that would be too much. Well. all is fine. I am content with what and where and who i am. Im content with where Im living. Im content with what i am living for and all of that. Cars and Cort are giving up the internet for 40 days starting today for their bible study class. ah they are so strong. they amaze me. I love them. well I hope all is well and let me know if i can do anytihng. t-haha your amazing.
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