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Glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2004 at 2:47pm
Today sucked. Why the fuck do I care about this crap? MAYBE BECAUSE UP UNTILL NOW IT WASNT A LOAD OF TOTAL BULL SHIT!

So yeah, meant nothing. Yeah really makes me feel even more like shit. Oh-well, I just really shouldn't have expected anything else.

bah ajdf;kajdf;ljkadljfal;sjdf

Yeah I'm getting really fcuking sick of having my partner not be there after school to help me edit, and now I'm going to be here at school till like 7 when the band concert starts because editing takes friecken forever! And my fucking camera kept going to dead, and everyone I interviewed cept Linds was boring as heell, so yeah, If I get a bad grade for film festival tomorrow, yeah lets just say I'll be mad.

Threw everything today, Thanks Pappy for being the only one to be able to understand.

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