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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2004 at 2:20pm
Current mood: curious
Music: Thrice-The Artist In The Ambulance
Subject: i wonder
today school was kinda crappy.i bombed two tests lol and otherwise than that it was pretty koo. then i came home and i just chilled. then i am supposed to go to tristans house but i dont feel like it i have things to do. then i have this church thing..youth conference...ppl from yuma come down and we have a dance and activities and games food and u get to meet new ppl and all that good stuff. but im curious to see if im going to meet new ppl and stuff. im curious to see how the dance is going to turn everything is gonna turn out...idk whats going to happen but i hope that it all goes pretty good. then i got this new cell phone thing and to be honest i dont know how i ended up getting one i just have one....i thinkt he phone number is 562-0685....yeah it think thats it so give me a call or out later
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