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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2004 at 12:28am
Current mood: full
Music: shhh
Subject: jen's back
wow it's been forever and some since i've updated. i've just been relaly busy... everyone has i'm home for about 10 min every day and i sleep for 5 hours and go to school it's my life. but it'll be oever after sun.. then i can start to feel again. this whole business craziness is helping in the way of a distraction.. like i'm here but i don't feel anything... alot different' from numb though.. cuz numbness is when you feel so much that it just dosen't make sense. numb is not realy a feeling i figured that out.. it's like a coping skill.

anyway.. lots of interesting things have happend. actually i need to write this cuz it was kind of shocking.. christine called me, at about 5o'clock yea i didn't answer and she left me a message saying her and scott were things of coming over and she dosen't know if i'm home but there going to my house.... ok well the didn't come.. i left the house but my mom would have told me, and she's fucking acting like i hung out with her like yesterday.. i haven't talked to this girl since before newyears.. and all of a sudden she wants jen. : / i'm not gonna give her what she wants... sooo yea

i've been doing alot of observing lately.. and it's making me crazzy the way people are always winning.. like including me. i wine wine wine and it just frustrates everyone around you so i need to work on that.. i need to go back to holding things in and letting them out in a healthy way. *big breath* it's so hard i still don't know how to have a healty thing be enough.. i shall pray. ok i'm gonna start a new entry now.
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