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CandiKisses2010 (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2004 at 8:55am
Current mood: tired
Well WTF... I woke up at 8:30 this morning :S that sux I hate wakin up early! But what can ya do! Ya I was just readin all of my entries and I thought I would update everything! So Here Goes... ok well I don't really know how things are goin w/ my ex b~cuz lately he has said somethings that I just can't believe he even had the nerve to say... I really truly wanted to cry when he said some of them, I mean he got mad at me the other day b~cuz he asked me about what me and some1 else were talkin about and I told him my EX EX boyfriend and he was like o what about him, and I just told him that me and him got into an argument the other night on the internet and that he said alot of really mean shit to me and stuff.. and then he started to freak out he was like why do you still talk to him and ladi dadi da and your a better person than I am cuz I wouldn't put up w/ his shit and I was like ok "What am I supposed to do?... just go out w/ some1 for 10 fuckin months and not still talk to then and not still care about then and shit, maybe you can but I can't" and he just looked at me and was like " well if you still care about him so fuckin much then why in the hell so you have me around?" I was like omg! HONESTLY does any1 see where I am comin from I mean I am not one to just fall in love w/ some1 and him I actually did and then shit happened and it was over... and my ex knows I wouldn't ever go back out w/ this guy or anything but its just the fact that I still care and shit! :@ I was mad... but enough about that situation, and as for the new news on the friend thing well HE ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME YESTERDAY!... I was so shocked cuz I had just got to school and he came up and talked to me I was like wow so I guess things are str8 btwn us but I'm not really sure what is goin on, but O well... and ya I still miss ya Amerella :) but I get to see you on MONDAY! :D but thats about all so I'm outtie~Peace~
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