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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 2:46pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Blink 182-I Miss You
Yesterday i had to wake up all early for youth conference. it was ok i guess we had to do this service project thing and it was ok. it wasnt all that great, then afterwards we were all going to go home and get ready for the dance..but i didnt want to go to the dance...dancing isnt really my thing, i would have just sat there...but w/e that was yesterday, yuma chicks and guys werent really very social, they talked among themselves but not to us...the hell with them, i was tired ne way and i wansnt really diggin' it....but it was ok i guess....w/e hopefully next year will be better, then im just home right now, listening to also supposed to get some tab books ( blink 182, and some other ones) so i can learn some songs....and im going to buy a trumpet too. i got a pretty good deal i guess..100 bucks for im just here at home. peewee came over last night and we jammed on his bass and on my guitar it was pretty bad, then we just chilled. i kinda got sick cuz it was kold like a well im out later
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