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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 4:22pm
Wow, it's been a while. Reading week was awesome, kickass relaxation and catching up with the few people I did see: Chau, Aaron, Timeo, DA, GBK, and Vinca. It's amazing how smart company will raise my spirits which are now crushed once again upon my return to Worstern. Not a typo. I'll stick to this moniker until I or someone else can come up with something more clever.

Saw Touching Void, a documentary about two Bristish mountain climbers and their dangerous attempt to scale a formation in what was it again? Peru? Interesting, still held tension even though I obviously gathered that they would survive to do their interviews. I'm very new to the world of documentary filmmaking, but that was a nice introduction. Look forward to exploring this genre a bit more in the future.

Saw Gandhi with Ben Kingsley. Very good movie, an astounding lifetime of strong will and passionate, obstinate refusal to renounce beliefs. Incredible man, so much better than what I could ever hope to be. An amazing tenacity, capacity to love, philosophy, tolerance and acceptance of others. The world suffers without him. I must know read his biography and find documentaries.

Read Siddhartha, a tale about a young man seeking om, an ultimate unity of soul with peace and contentment. Beautifully told, emotional, flowing. A very relaxing, luxurious read. Simple story yet richly textured. Nobel Peace Prize winner, deservedly so.

Still not far into On the Road. I read a bit of For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway. That'll be enough to occupy me for the next few weeks.

I actually have something of a crunch week coming up. French exam Monday that I haven't started studying for (will do so during the Oscars, I guess, heh), FCalc quiz and French presentation on Tuesday, Biz report that I'm halfway through for Wednesday, rather difficult Bio exam for Friday. Whatever, I'll start working.

Parents drove me 2.5 hours back here, which means I at least have lots of food and drink carted over as well. Ugh. I hate being back.

Oh, and I passed my G2. Woohoo! I can drive now!

Oscars tonight! Go ROTK!!
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