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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 10:24pm
last night was odd for me
billy called my cell at about 5 15 in the am.

says "wanna chill?" i do the usual where doing what kinda thing. then he just says get dressed. im comming to your window.

so im dressed and im at my window waiting. he comes and knocks. woo fun.

what was funny was i started climbing out w/o shoes on. and let me tell you, it was freezing out.

oh and billy peed on the thing for my pool. my grandpas going to be wondering about that.

so i have my shoes and im out the window and climbing my fence and in the girl named kay's car.

and we went to the spot. yes THE spot. not that you know about it or anything. but you probably know of a place similar to this one.

this is a place in the woods in lehigh where you go t either get drunk, or get high, or have sex.

dont worry. we did none of this. i promise. why would i lie to you?

ok so anyway. we just sat that and billy and this girl are just fighting about the fact she had to be home three hours earlier and blahblahblah. me and this guy danny were just sitting there. basically.

so the took me home. i need help getting back in my window cause the thing comes up to my chin. and i am not skilled at this at all. so i told billy he needed to help me in.

so were walking back to my window, and billy said something along the line of me giving him a kiss. and im like, nah. and hes like out of all the girls i could have called tonight i called you.

so i replied. you only call me when your drunk.
he was all like nono i call you when im sober. and he helped me in my window. and mentioned tgiving him a kiss again. and im like no. so he closed my window and left.

i laughed at him trying to get back over my fence.

my mom told me don was too old for me. all i said was yes ma'am.

i dont think i want to date him anyway. or anyone for that matter.

i feel used up and dry. like i am already past my prime. even though i havent even entered anything even worthy of being described as "my prime" yet.

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