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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 11:15pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: Freesia ~op.2~
Hey how are all of you? I am good. I had a great weekend! First, my best friend, Katie, came over. I haven't seen her in four months and I missed her so much! We opened presents (from Christmas and our b-days); she gave me for Christmas the most adorable penguin she made by crotcheting. She also gave me some little things that make her think of me. For my b-day, she gave me two stuffed animal kitties that match my stuffed animal cat Boris; and so now he has a whole family (^^).So we talked for hours, played DDR and watched The Emperor's New Groove.

The next day, Re and Kris came over so we could all celebrate my b-day (which was the 22nd). We went to Craig's Cruisers and play all the games (including the faux DDR) We also played laser tag (i did better than all my friends) and went on the go karts. I found out that I suck big time at racing (i am always so scared I am going to hit someone so I go all slow)

After that, we went to woodland mall where I spet a $20 Hot Topic card on a short with a picture of The Last Unicorn on it. Then, I went and bought a cute shirt at Forever 21. It looks really good on my but I need my mom to repair a little hole in it (I got it 10% off because it had a hole!!!)

When we got home, Katie had to leave and I was really sad about that. Then, Reanna went home at eight, and Kris at ten.

Today wasn't as good. I felt all sick all day. I almost threw up.

Well bye bee

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