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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2004 at 2:05pm
Current mood: gloomy
Music: "All of This" Blink-182
bah. last night was kinda crazy. I went over to one of my friends houses and got to see a few people i haven't seen since like november. but the weridest thing was, one of em kissed me. that was like ... totally different. i've always known he's liked me but.. yeah. nothing has ever happened. now i'm just kinda confused. all i really want is to be with ryan but i doubt he'll let that happen. my next choice would be to get closer to dusty. as friends to start out with and see what happens. but not this guy from LSSU. heh. he's the greatest really is, but i can't see him often at all cause he lives so far away, i hardly talk to him anyways, plus he has a son. he's adorable and everything but he's maybe a year older than me *the guy not the son* lol. so yeah... my mind's all a boggle. and those one dreams just won't stop! I talked to ryan last night to see what was up and to find out more about why he broke up with me but he wouldn't talk about it. so he's supposed to be writing me this hour and i'm supposed to see him after school if i want the note today otherwise i have to wait till tomorrow before skills. :( which kinda sucks. anyways. i'm gonna try and do more work now... adios..
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