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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2004 at 9:55pm
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Subject: you never broke my heart, i broke it myself
i am so content.

its so nice. not to be agitated. as i usually am.

i was so happy earlier. wuthering heights was on. that movie is definately on my top 5 favorite movies list.

not the crap 70's or 90's version or that completely idiotic MTV verison. i swear i could kill the fuckers that put that movie out.

i think is from the 30's, the orginal.

the sad thing is, is it is only half of the book, so they change the movie to accomodate the half that is missing,

but it still has the same impact. amazing.

there is a character named isabella. she is linton's sister. linton is married to cathy. issabella is married to heathcliff.

but heathcliff and cathy love e/o.

and isabella was crying and she was saying how much she loved heathcliff.
she told him that if she just let him she could make him happy. then she said, and this is nearly exact.
"you are my life, cant you let me be just a breath of yours?"

it was so sad.
i could never imagine loving someone like that. never.

i love that movie, and that book.

it made my day. then benny and joon was on. it just made things better.

FCAT. that word is awful enough to explain itself.
i hate it. it should not exist.

but good luck on the rest of it anyway.
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