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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2004 at 10:10pm
~~ah yes 2 seconds of spare time! i just read all ur stuff babe...which you have already told me about that night on the phone...i am now @ rehersals till 6pm home 'round long days ahead. on a good note our drama teach. Mr. Canady became desperate to find brothers b/c so so sooo many have just dropped out/not showed up to rehersals/been kicked out, that he asked Randy to be a he is my one light in this thing. ick...on the other hands my 2 friends are being dikes to me (not literally) they're just being mean and hateful and whispering and then when i ask what they say, it's always some dumb excuse...and it's always the same one....i miss my true friend......*sniff*
::i miss you::
anyways lemme go...i need to bathe. i stink. lol! oh btw (<--by the way) weather is up to 75 today maybe 80 tomorrow!!!!! i'm wearing a skirt to school tomorrow....and yes it came from the o-so-fabulous and trendy.............Wal*Mart!
love you much....could really use my friend.
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