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Janice_2001 (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2004 at 10:12am
So, I am sitten in the computer lab bein bored and was typing my bibliograhpy and now I am sitten here with Jena, So many things have happened this week and I wish they wouldn't have. 2 days ago during 6th hour I was called down to the office and told that I if I do this one thing again I am gonna get suspended and I said great and I laughed. Mr. Annerino said he was gonna call my dad and I told him all he was gonna do is laugh at him. Alisha is not on my good side right now cuz she keeps think she can hit me and she can't.

I am going to Wyoming this weekend to chill wiyth my boy Chris and Spoons and Cindy which that will be cool. Wel, I am gonna go now so anyone want tot alk comment in here!!!!

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