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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2004 at 1:51pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: "All of This" Blink-182
bah. going on two weeks now being depressed. almost nothing can help it. although i know one thing...wait no two things that really would help. but *shrugs* doesn't look like either is going to happen soon. today brent was telling me how much he cares about me and that he always will. that cheered me up a bit. and oh course dusty cheered me up some. yesterday was kinda hell cause i went to ryan's school to see him cause i haven't really talked to him since like monday.. but he walked like right to his car then stoped by some other car to talk to some girl... he was laughing and such with her. i wasn't very happy at all. I just drove off and didn't even say anything to him. I haven't even called him since like ... tuesday. *shrugs* oh well. Life goes on right. Some people are meant to be in your life and others aren't. this has been my year of really finding that out. and I hate it. I hate growing up. Maybe being a kid is better. then you don't realize what injustices are done to you. and you don't have to put up with people constantly hurting you or expecting so much out of you. *shrugs* well if that's what being a kid would be like ... i'd gladly reverse. I'm so sick of everything that growing up entails. the only good thing is the fact that i have to graduate in may. then i can just get out of school and not have to put up with different people. yea there are many.. no scratch that. a couple people i will really miss but other than that... i thank god i'm leaving this year.
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