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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2004 at 6:48pm
oh man you know how gay i am...
my cell phone rang at 5 30 this morning. and it scared me. i thought there was something wrong with it so i just turned the ringer off.

then it rang again and picked it up because i realized it was ringing. and it was....billy.

he was upset becase he saw me with don last night.

i feel like a shithead. forget it i am a shithead.

i lied to don and told him i had a project to do (which is true to an extent) and i was sleeping at some girls house tonight. so i didnt have to go out with him.

i cant believe i did that. charlene said i was gay because it wasnt a believeable lie. so now im just feeling crappy because i think he knows i lied.

well anyway, i lied because i am going with billy tonight. well billy and them anyway.
im nervous. because if we see don, im going to crawl under a rock and dieeee. because dons nice, and he doesnt deserve this.

a plus that we are not dating. so it wont be all bad. i have no obligation to him. or to anyone for that matter.

anyway. i got my ears double pierced today. and i got some clothes for seattle. tomorrow i want to go to ross and see if i can get some jeans and a sweater. because i am gunna need it.

getting a haircut tomorrow or thusrday. im thinking of taking off 3 - 4 in. im scared.

i have to go. byee.

i cant wait!!! seattle in less than a week!
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