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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2004 at 9:49pm
Subject: how can loving someone be so easy
i think this has been one of the most exciting weekends of my life.

which is unbelieveably sad.

ok so heres my weekend.

*went out w. don to charlenes.

*took aunt and unle to air port - they are going to visit thier new grandaughter.
*went to sanibel outlets. got 5 shirts from gap w. gapcard.
*got ears pierced. double hole.
*talked to billy.
*talked to charlene
*lied to don. (i am a BITCH)

sunday (today for the slow ones out there)
*church, enough said.
*got my hair cut. everyone act surprised when you see me tomorrow
*went to ross, got:
-1 skirt
-1 shirt
-1 sweater
-2 pairs of pants
-cute undergarmets
*went to michaels, got:
- 1 tube ultramarine paint. (fineally)
- colored pencils.
*got some taco bell
*watched rebel w/o a cause.

so yea.

5 days - seattle!!!!!!!!!!!
AHTWEj nefg8i9w43rnjkdsfjkHjkkjKJHYUui8oif

i am so excited. ho-ly crap.

you know what is the gayest thing e v e r ??

i got highlites in 8th grade right. and i just cut 3 damn inches off my hair, and there is still some blone at the ends of my hair.

if ana every talks about dying her hair again, slap her for me.

or you can just slap her cause her reaction is funny. your choice.

man i hope this week goes by fast.

ok everyone poll:

my plane leaves at 530 pm this friday, this means i could go to school and ride the bus home and go to the airport with time to spare. oh and you have to be there one and a half hours early to go though the searches and crap.

ok here is the question:

should i or should i not attend school this friday?

no pressure. dont kill yourselves trying to answer.

but...if i dont recieve an answer for you...i will hunt you down. so watch it. you may wake up with one eyebrow instead of two.

just a warning. :)

im off
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