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CandiKisses2010 (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2004 at 12:47am
Current mood: crappy
I don't feel good at all today...thats why I am at home and not at school, I woke up this mornin and UgH :P I felt like shit! But what can ya do?!?! Oh yes and NOW I am Mrs. Boss Lady...Cuz I like to boss every1 around, You're right Kevin I was tryin to boss you around by sayin that, Man O Man You Are Smart! NOT... But I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! Oh and I just wanted to warn all of you out there that if you ever get involved w/ me I am the kind of girl that likes to go and get drunk of her ass every weekend and then stay the night at a bunch of different guys houses, cuz thats what I like to do (according to Kevin) The guy who at ONE point in time I considered my best friend...
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