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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2004 at 7:08pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: As Wicked- Rancid
Hmmmmm....i almost didn't come to school today but i decided to (why i don't kno) but i ended up leaving right after first period.....then i went home...put in some Rancid....and slept. Yeah. Now im sitting at my moms house.....being bored-ed-ed....and talking to Tiffany about some stuff that i can't say on here cuz im not exactly sure who all reads this lets just say it has to do with someone with the initials A.K. and N.W.....and.....yeah....Tiffany of course. Hmmm....i was thinking today about different ways people could kill themselves and what i don't get is why people slit their wrists or anything else like that with knifes....cuz one....its really messy, it hurts, (who wants the last thing they ever feel to be physical pain??? i mean obviously they're feeling pain anyways....but still....hmmm...) and its sickning...if your gonna do it with blood then shoot yourself. Which would probably the easiest, fastest, painless-less way possible....but then again putting a plastic bag over your head is easy too. Thats done in a matter of minutes....cuz you pass out after 2-3 minuts...then it only takes 4-5....IF even that....and its alot easier than strangling yourself with a rope....or by hanging yourself....that hurts. Unless you break your neck first. But that usually doesn't happen. Overdosing wouldn't be AS bad...but still that might cause a little bit of pain on the inside...that is, untill you pass out. But all in all the easiest way of killing yourself goes in this order:
1. Shooting yourself
2. Strangling yourself with a plasic bag
3. Overdosing
4. Strangling yourself with a rope by hanging (unless it breaks your neck....which is would be a 2)
5. Slitting your wrists/stabbing yourself

If your going to do it id say either one or two. Its the easiest. BUT anyways....hmmm....Blah. i don't feel like typing anymore. BUT then again.....i do. im hungry. Im gonna go eat some Chili.-
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