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Lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2004 at 8:32pm
It feels like its been awhile since i sat down to write a good ole- woohu entry. As a community we're kind of dying. Updates are getting fewer and fewer. Maybe we're getting over the "let everyone know my thoughts thing."

A few things happened last week but they're behind me now and relationships are good. FCAT, well what can u say. I've enjoyed my FCAT after-times with greta, natalia, and doing some card-playing. Eagle-ettes its getting down to "crunch-time"- the cruise is almost less than a week away and i still have not sucessfully been doing my half assed attempt at a diet thingy. I find it redundant to talk about classes unless something interesting happened. As usual, i enjoyed english, today we played a$$hole, just really fun. In econ, a pad was thrown across the room, yes muy intersante. Inna asked me after econ wat was thrown she was like "was it cheese?" LMAO. well i'm alright, yes just alright. wish i could be happier but i have my moments of sunshine. spring break is around the bend and of course, depseratedly needed. toodles....
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