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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2004 at :03pm
Current mood: damn, i gotta peeeee
Music: honey:: mariah carey
Subject: where's my honey. i love him.
school days have become dull and plain. NOTHING, literally becomes exciting anymore. its like... all a part of life now, going there and coming home everyday. i can't wait til' i work mondays. maybe then there will be some more excitment in my life.

school, life, love, family, friends.. everything is s0o adequent that... i don't know what to do with myself. i have no worries... no stress. just to go to school and come home talk to my loved ones, and go to bed. i guess when u only keep the ones u love in your life and don't worry about anyone else... u have less problems. and especially since IB is one family and u love everyone that u talk to everyday... u never have a worry... except who's gonna help u ace ur next hour's test. lol and we all get along in that category. or... well... most of us anyways.

anyways... i miss a close one. hema. reminiscing made us cry today. so sad. haven't done that in awhile. and yes, thank you for the happy birthday... lol, i love how you said it five million times... and it never got old once, but a girl in bio kept saying it and i wuz like.... u can shut the fuck up already lmao. i guess thats what best friends do to ya. but damn... it all started with stealing a damn car and yelling at giorgio when we were TiPSY! WHOA! and the bed... whoa whoa wut the hell is goin on there?! never again! but hey at least it wuznt someone that would care right?! i mean i dont care... shit happens lol, hell, i bet it will happen to me... u there... accidentally when jonah & i... o yeah lmao. damn i miss the atlantic days with u in them. <3 daytona... here we come.

anyways, jackie is back from competition, muah! missed ya! how we can't wait for that spring break getaway to the bahamas. forget all ur worries and leave that shit at home.

then... hopefully... hema and i will get to go to daytona and we can escape some more... just to get away. damn. and then come home, see my boyfriend and be refreshed for school... that is... if there is no fucking god damn shitlessly pointless, bitch fucking teachers assigning homework. o how i will be angry. excuse the cursing above... but i will soooooo be mad. D-E-N-I-E-D! <3 hema lol

geesh, i miss jonah.... and i'm going to miss him more over spring break. goodness. i honestly... need to find a bigger word than love. it doesnt even describe our relationship.... if i ever lose him... or am stupid enough to do something to hurt him or break up with him even if he has hurt me... smack me... because i know there's not a guy better out there for me. although... none of the above would ever happen... with love.
bri -N- jonah:: 10.12.03. 3 more days.
50 days 'til School is OuT & SUmmER STaRtS!!!!
i'm out xOx. love.
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