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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2004 at 10:19am
Music: Monica- angel of mine
Subject: UpDaTe!
It has been a couple of weeks since I have wrote in here.. well mostly because I havent had any time to get online much because Baby Michael has been sick with a tummy flu and he has needed lots of attention. last weekend Mike and I spent the whole weekend together Friday night we didn't do much we just slept over at his house because his mom was gone out of town and then on Saturday night my nana kept the baby Michael for us overnight so we could spend time together so we ate at Ruby Tuesdays and that was nice and then we went back to his house and went to sleep but then around like 7:00 the next morning his mom started banging on the bedroom door and telling mike to open it, well I had been sleeping in my undies and my shirt because I had jeans on and they were too uncomfortable to sleep in so anyway I jumped up and hid in his closet and he opened the door and I kept hearing her voice get closer and closer until she opened the closet door and i was just standing there in my undies and a shirt I felt so embarressed so just looked at me and swung the door shut then she opened it back up and called to Mikes dad and I pulled it back closed and she just went on bitchin about me being there and saying I cant believe after I told you not to spend the night you would do it anyway.. blah blah... I was just like whatever and finally she got out of the room so I closed the door to get dressed and she like came back and said THIS DOOR IS NEVER CLOSED! lol well anyway we just left and got our son then ate subway and went to my aunts house to wait for her to get home.. she never did so we came back to my house and Mike went home a little while later. This weekend mike spent the night on Friday and we just watched TV then on Saturday we rented a movie "Cold Creek Manor" which was really good and we ate spinich dip and chicken and stuff and made shirly temples = ) that was nice and then on sunday when we woke up Mike wasnt feeling good he had a tempature of 104! we almost went to the hospital but decided to get some tylonol and so he started taking that and by night time he was feeling better but he was really sick! Then yesterday (monday) I was really sick but my tempature only got as high as 102 but I felt misserable and no one was here to take care of me... Mike had to work and so did my grandparents and I had baby Michael and I just had him in his playpen all day I felt so bad but I was in miserable shape I only took him out a few times for diaper changes and I just gave him bottles all day even though I am trying to wean him :/ But last night I felt better.. I feel a little sick right now but not bad and Im able to take care of my little boy :) Mike came over after work last night and spent the night so that was nice:)
Later on today at 1:15 My mom is taking my and baby Michael to his development check-up (if ur baby was a premie you have to go to them) then later I have to go to my GED class at 6 so I'm gonna go now..
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