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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2004 at 8:44pm
Current mood: depressed
Well today has been a little hectic.....FIRST of all...i was SOOOO scared, cuz last night i heard that my friend Craig got beat up really bad but then i found out he DIDNT but i was sooo scared and Alex was freakin out and now hes pissed at Zac for lieing.....::SIGH:: the drama......and also, my friend Mitch (one of my BEST friends) has been taking Vicaden (is that how you spell it???) and a whole bunch of other super heavy pain killers (they're his dads for his legs) lately and has been taking WAY TOO MUCH.....and im really worried. I keep telling him not to but everyday he comes to school all effed really scared. And not only that but apparently someone brought a loaded gun (45) to school today...he didn't shoot it or anything.....i don't even think he intended to, but they found it in his bookbag 6th period. Yeah. Thats a little scary. THEN to make things worse me and my mom got in this huge fight about how she doesn't care and all that other shit and she kept saying she did and i was like "yeah, only when its convienient for you" and she got all pissy and was like "fuck you!!!" and i was like "Proof right there...." GOD theres so much fuckin drama in this life....and not only that but i mean its hard enough going through all the "normal" teenage shit i don't need all this other stuff to worry about. I should just kill myself. I mean i wouldn't...but i should. Bleh. Well, then FATASS would miss me. lol. Hmmm....well, im gonna go eat. Latter kiddies-
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