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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2004 at 9:36pm
Current mood: blah
Music: MM-The Fight Song
Subject: Nny! ^^ to say...what to say. -Devlish grin- I know I haven't updated in like...forever or so it seems. But, I'm sorreh! I swear it on my love for Johnny The Homicidal Maniac! -Salutes to his icon- Yes, I adore Nny. I can relate to him, which is /really/ scary in a way. o.o'' I hope I don't start murdering people. >> -Glomps you and nuzzles- So, adoring fan of mine, how are you?

Mmmhm...mmm...yes? Really? Is that so?

Well fuck you Mr. Bear! You speak lies! LIES!

(JTHM Quote)...I'm okay. Breathe in...breathe out....Wow, too much JTHM. e.e'' Oh- well...I'm really sorry for neglecting my journal and my adoring fans. -Cough- Yes, you /are/ all my adoring fans. -Beams- Well, I hope you're all doing fine. I've been better but at the moment I'm so bloody smashed off coffee that you could murder my kitties and I'd be just fine with it. -Snort- Wellllllll-Adios my friends! I'll update as soon as possible!

Love Always and Always and alllllways,
-Adrian <3
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