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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 12:01am
Current mood: tired
Subject: school is sucky
So - last night I was soo tired and I still had to try and do some of my history project because I know tanya was prolly counting on me BUT THEN this morning she says that she did it all - which hey I have no problem with - but I feel bad because she did it all and I feel like I should get a bad grade now. SO YEA ANYWHO - I feel like I am getting more and more of a procrastinater in me and its bad - like I was supposed to do laundry LAST WEEK and now i have no clean clothes and what am I doing - STILL SITTING HERE TYPING!!! and I could be doing my homework so that I can go to bed early and not be tired tomorrow BUT NO I am on the internet instead which will make me stay up late which will make me tired which will make me procrastinate EVEN MORE tomorrow from no energy to be motivated WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???
I DONT KNOW I have issues I guess thats just me though I am wierd so I've heard. OH WEL BYE
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